The Autumn Essentials

What’s your autumn essential?

Opening my dresser, rummaging through the hung clothes of my closet and releasing those comfy and chunky knits from their summer hiding place, made me realise that majority of my style is based around the fall season. My search is never hard. Nearly everything I own can be adapted to suit the weather and trends of these colder months. (With that being said, I am the type of person who wears boots year-round, and prefers to be in a cardigan than a just a tank top. Summer isn’t my thing – clearly.) However, once October hits, there is always something I find myself reaching for as I extend into my drawer or cupboard—my go-to autumn pieces. It’s only natural to always want to wear whatever is your favourite, or what you feel most comfortable in! With this ardour for the fashion this season brings, I thought to ask others what they found to be most essential in their wardrobe for autumn.

Thin Cropped Red Jumper, Charlotte B.

‘…Because it is the perfect thickness to layer with other items, but not be too hot in the tropical temperatures of the library. I also love the autumnal colour, which will carry me into the festive season!’


Image courtesy of Charlotte

The Waistcoat, Lawrence L.

‘Bringing out my waistcoat, getting new ones once autumn hits, is essential to me because they are so versatile. They’re great for a casual or a smart look, which makes them a perfect ‘all-day wear’ item. Also, it fits well with the weather of fall: no sleeves on a waistcoat can be paired with a long-sleeved or short-sleeved shirt in a time that’s still mild.’


Image courtesy of Shari Sharpe

Scarf & Leather J, Stephanie B.

‘I think leather jacket and big knit scarf combo. It balances out nicely—small jacket, big scarf—and just looks so autumnal.’


Image courtesy of Stephanie Belenkov

The All-Time Classic, Jamie P.

‘Favourite piece of fashion in the autumn: the jumper. None of that sweater nonsense either- when things start turning chilly there’s nothing finer than something thick-ish, woollen (or cashmere if you’re into that) and preferably hand-knitted. Seldom without beret, never without shades.’


Image courtesy of Jamie Perriam

Hats, Hats, Hats, Olivia L.

‘It’s such a fun accessory! I don’t know how else to put it. Scarves people won’t spot, however, hats people notice. They make a great essential this autumn for those acclimatizing to St Andrews weather.’


Image courtesy of Shari Sharpe

Having spoken to these few students, I think it goes without saying that autumn is a time where anything goes in the outfit world—the collaboration of leather, velvet, suede, shearling, knit, wool, cashmere and an array of patterns are just a few examples one can use for their own original mix. Layering is key. Autumn brings in new fragrances, new beauty and health products, and ultimately, it brings inspiration to the masses. All of these elements add to the flavour of our wardrobes. And I know that each time I pull out my cashmere jumper or my MJ scarf that I am resurfacing with experiences of the previous autumn and a new ‘fall’ into winter months now. Let autumn be that fresh start into a period of hibernation intended to reflect the regeneration of our style, our second skins.

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