University threatens to withdraw Raisin support

Our pruny fun is no more?

Annie Newman

In an email sent out to all students this morning, University Proctor Lorna Milne threatened to “review [the university’s] long-standing support of Raisin Weekend.”

Citing drunk and disorderly behavior, violence, and misconduct towards townspeople, Milne makes clear the disciplinary action possible for both parents and children if their party goes awry. Not to persecute an innocent child, she makes clear that disciplinary action will be extended towards parents if they’re found to have encouraged their child to perform any sort of unacceptable action (does this include playing port golf down West Sands? Thanks Dad).

She ends the email with a punch: if this type of unruly drunkenness is not reined in, the university will “have no option but to change the tone of Raisin Sunday forever.”

While Proctor Milne is layin’ down the law, we want to know what you think. Will this email alter your Raisin plans? Or will you show her how much you love your kids in proportion to the units they drink? Let us know below.

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