Review: House of Horror

Snow Queen won’t say boo to a goose.

With the plethora of balls that grace our social calendar, it seems bizarre that one of the most celebrated holidays of the year, Halloween, was without a suitable celebration.  The team behind House of Horror Charity Gala intended to fill that hole, issuing an exclusive 500 tickets and gaining the ostentatious sponsorship of Snow Queen Vodka, all in aid of the Elephant Family charity.  Expectations were high.


St Andrews’ answer to the supposed scariest day of year was not something that chilled me to the core.  On arrival, myself and the other 20 people in Kinkell immediately assessed the Snow Queen and her vodka minions, and with the prospect of free alcohol our livers were tingling with anticipation.  Once the decent enough Snow Queen concoction had slid down our throats we were baying for more, however, no matter how hard we begged the bar staff refused to top us up. Yes, the advertising enticed us with free vodka, but it was actually the beer leverage which cut off our supply after one shot.  “A double shot” as one cheery barman put it. If this was your first alcoholic experience, sure, but for a hardened veteran such as myself, this was just enough to oil my hinges, no where near enough to get my engines going. Initial verdict: shoddy.


As quickly as I had befriended the barman, the Miley Cyrus’ and the vampires came in their hordes. In the time it took for me to skip through the haunted house, (which was more Barbie than Bloodhound on the scare scale), Kinkell had expanded from a measly handful of displeased party goers to a cacophony of fancy dress.  There were Walter Whites at every corner, skulls, vampires, the particularly tall Ali G – (very impressed with that costume) and witches at every turn.   The dance floor was constantly packed, the songs were impressively disco-y, the highlight being the ABBA medley which brightened my evening impressively. The booze (not free, #bitter) was flowing quickly and in abundance.


Overall, the alcohol situation was not as advertised,  more than irking every single ticket holder.  The music was varied – tunes mixed in with old style beats had everyone wiggling their hips and getting their grove on, and the haunted house was something different, even if it didn’t have me quaking in my boots. At the beginning of the night, I’d give the party a “throughly average”, however the warmth, the impressive song collection and the frankly astounding costume turnout resulted in the end of the evening  being  jolly good fun… yet the cloud of lost-alcohol was still too much of an issue to ignore.

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