5 Things To Do This Week

Cheese, Ceilidhs and Cher.

Chloe Sawyer

Raisin Ceilidh: Find your nearest Shinty player to grab a ticket for the annual Raisin Ceilidh, complete with a fine piping band, plentiful instruction and a raffle. DJ Ozzi, new on the music scene and fresh off of his sell-out tour of Prague, will be seeing out the evening with all your favourite tunes, so you can be sure the Scores will be rockin’ with beatz up until 1am.

 Wine & Cheese: The Fellowship are having a ‘do on Wednesday for anyone interested in their current work within the community, or how to become a Fellow. They’ll be sharing some delicious wine and cheese, but remember this is a sophisticated event and I advise you not to get too wine-sloshed (but if you do, rumor has it The Fellowship can throw an excellent after party).

A Little Party Never Killed Nobody: Gatsby fever is well and truly not dead, clearly demonstrated by an already-almost-sold-out evening this Thursday at the Vic. Interestingly enough, this is one of those second year Enterprise module ideas, so remember – they’re getting graded on this party, so it’s got to be good.

Rewind: Don’t deny it. All of you – yes even you, house trance reggae hip-hop cool music lovers – enjoy a bit of cheese. By this I don’t mean the gorgonzola variety: I am of course referring to the kings of polyphonic ringtones, S Club, Peter Andre, Aqua, Britney Spears and the Village People. Get really drunk if you need an excuse, but I know I’ll see you in the Union on Saturday night, dancing to the hits of the Nineties and the Noughties. Take that, rewind it back, yeah! 

Sleep: We’re well into territory that SHOULD be Reading Week (RIP), and we’re all totally knackered from the craziest weekend of the year. This week, take a nap – you deserve it.



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