University reacts to Raisin

There was even kissing in the quad!

Meleah Moore

We all heard the threats and maybe even took the time to read the menacing email about the University’s concerns of Raisin weekend. Our “disgraceful” behaviour will no longer be supported! The buzz was exchanged quickly and the warnings vaguely lingered in the air, but did it really impact the copious amounts of alcohol consumed or the lively celebrations? Now that the bouncy castles have been deflated and the streets have been cleaned, what does the University have to say?

Calling on the University press office, the answer seems indecisive. While they noted that the “vast majority of students” understand the merry spirit of Raisin weekend, there were still concerns. Apparently the University received reports this year of “a small number of incidents which appear to cross the line between high jinks and anti-social behaviour.”

Could they be referring to the rumours about urination in a retail store changing room? The few questionable situations are still being investigated, but students should have no doubt that now and in the future shenanigans of the sort will not be tolerated. St A students must “behave responsibly and within reasonable limits” to avoid what the University calls, “firm action”.

While the aftermath of the weekend is not entirely positive, not all has been lost. Photos and depictions of the Raisin foam fight were publicized by news outlets all over the world, including the BBC, New York Daily News and ChinaDaily Africa.

At the moment, it seems students still have enough University support to keep the tradition alive.

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