Review: Reeling Ball

We’re still reelin’ from the fun.

With kilts, ball gowns and vigorous ‘setting’ galore Reeling Ball was back and bigger than ever.  On Saturday night, an elegantly attired collection of nationalities all congregated in Kinkell for an evening of merriment, dancing, breakfast and bagpipes. The committee had decided on the elegant decorating of Kinkell in streams of fairy lights which were the perfect backdrop to the array of ball gowns, family tartans, and impressive sporrans.

A champagne reception, and impressively smooth-running coat check ensured every guest entered the dance floor in a buoyant mood, clutching their dance cards with much anticipation. Socialising with fellow reelers allowed the revellers to momentarily relax before the purpose of the evening kicked off. Once the dancing started, everyone was in their element, from the novice to the professional everyone was enjoying throwing their partners across the dance floor, with only the occasional casualty.  As the wine flowed and the dancing got quicker, the floor narrowed down to only the seasoned-reelers, who’s impressive renditions of Mari’s Wedding were a joy to watch.  The traditional reels were punctuated with rock and roll music from the more than capable band, their ability to speed up at will and continually play for over five hours deserves as much praise as their music.  Full marks for them!


Everyone was afforded a rest with the arrival of a traditional English Breakfast – each plate was filled to the brim with bacon, mushrooms and sausages re-energising tired feet and weak knees.  For the final haul before after-parties and bedtime beckoned, the last reel had every single dancer heading to the dance floor with a glint in their eye, and a desire to go faster that the band could keep up with. Managing to avoid breaking any bones or sliding half way across the room, the assembled crowd collected themselves into a rousing rendition of the National Anthem and a jolly good cheer for the band.  A perfect end to a perfect night.


As the only white tie event in St Andrews, Reeling ball brought something new to the social scene, an ability not only to dust off your finest gear but also to have fun without getting totally blotto.  Every single person had a wonderful night, whether they were old hats or the new kids on the block, Reeling has most certainly set the precedent for Balls this year, and it will take quite something to top it.




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