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Who’s got the best game?

Many would agree with the sentiment that sports teams are an incredibly important aspect of the social dynamic at St Andrews. With most teams holding socials every Wednesday, and practically all holding one monthly before Sinners, joining a sports team is in excellent way to meet new people. Sure, team bonding and sportsmanship can bring people together and foster a sense of community – but we all know that partaying is really when we form the ties that bind.

Every team, however, has a different vibe and parties in a different way. So, whether you’re looking to rage at a houseparty, drink till you drop in a pub, or just chill with the peeps, there’s probably a sports social for you.

Thus, I now present to you the first installment of sports social reviews that will help you spread your wings and become the social butterfly you want to be.

Ultimate Frisbee

Arguably one of the quirkier sports here, the ultimate frisbee team is made up of the kind of eclectic personality types that you’d expect. From fun-loving hippie-ish types to the more serious and reserved kind, flatball has it all – and this makes for a very interesting (and very fun) social scene.

On a typical Wednesday night, you can find members of flatball gathered at the Blue Stane, drinks in hand and the smell of banter in the air. Although you can expect to have an energetic crowd, the frisbee team is in no way the kind that would empty a pub of locals. The frisbee team also has their very own flat reserved specifically for team members, located on 66 Crails Lane, which allows for bigger parties that consist of good music, beer pong and the like (i.e. things that grow in the ground).

Some of the frisbee socials I’ve attended have included a Harry Potter drinking game, where members of the team dressed up in full HP regalia and watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (My personal favorite rule was to drink every time Ron was a little bitch); and a Hipster versus Hick party. Some have included dancing, all have included drinking, none have included singing, but they’ve all been a really really really good time.


As a member of DanceSoc, I admit that I may be a bit biased. However, believe me when I say that the dance society  has some of the nicest and chillest girls (and a few guys) you will meet here. Unfortunately though, the high quantity of high quality people in DanceSoc is underutilized, with socials only occurring before Sinners. Furthermore, unlike other teams, not all dancers in the society really get a chance to meet one another, since not every member is in every class.

Regardless of some of the social disadvantages/advantages mentioned above, it is fully apparent how committed the DanceSoc committee is to hosting good socials. I have attended two out of the three socials, the more notable being the latter of the two. The night started with discounted drinks at Rascals, some mellow drinking games and, of course, great chat. After an appropriate amount of time pre-gaming, the dance troupe headed over to the Union. One of my favorite aspects of DanceSoc socials is, unsurprisingly, the dancing. All members dance hard and dance well, which means no awkward standing/head bobbing/eye contact avoiding/pretending to enjoy the music. None of the socials so far have been themed, but that might not necessarily take away from the fun for some people.

Women’s Golf

For the relatively low amount of people who attended the social, I would say that it was as good as it could have been. The theme of the night was Librarians vs. Barbarians, and all of the ladies embraced the theme with full enthusiasm.

The drinking games were done with an equal amount of excitement, and I was impressed by how keen the team was to have a good night, especially when it was not even a Sinners wednesday. After a few card games, we, as per usual, ventured off to the Union. At the Union, the team sat and had a few drinks with each other, but quickly split up. I was generally disappointed with the short lived nature of the night, but that is not to discount the fun I had while it lasted. The girls were cool, the garb was festive, the night was nice.



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