Review: Welly Ball

We got our welly on.

There’s little more in life that a girl loves more than being able to wear flat shoes out on the town, and Saturday night provided the bubble with that very opportunity. To celebrate Clay Pigeon’s shooting event, the grand country-esque themed Welly Ball was the perfect way to finish a day of standing around in the cold, attempting to shoot more clays than the next person. (I failed miserably at that, might I add)


With wellington boots galore, the evening began with a sit down dinner, and a case of wine for each table ensured that every guest was well oiled even before the hog roast arrived.  What we anticipated to be a meal of cold potatoes and the odd bit of gristle, was instead a pleasantly surprising mini-feast! Scrumptious pork with stuffing and lashings of gravy filled the inner space and set us up for dancing and more drinking. To finish, hundreds of “Caramel Logs” were distributed throughout Kinkell, however my first encounter with this chocolate bar was a great source of amusement for the scottish contingent of the table.  For those of you who have yet to experience this native delicacy, do your best to track one down.

Once dinner had finished, the prizes for the competition and magnums of Champagne, had been presented (RAU and Newcastle swept the field, although St Andrews took the alumni award), the tables were cleared away and the music and after party were set into full swing.


The live band was on top form, and the DJ set that followed certainly filled its criteria of serenading the revellers who were either engaged in DMC’s, throwing some shapes or mingling through the crowds… or indulging themselves in the photo booth, reminiscing with butler’s wraps, or living it up with the Dervish contingent.  With wellies and duck drinking vessels (have to see it to believe it!) galore, the only annual compulsory shoe-based event was a loud, proud and crazy night!

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