St Andrews expensive? Not according to recent study

St Andrews: cheaper than it appears.

St Andrews is the third cheapest university to attend in the UK, according to a recent study into the cost of living at the UK’s top Universities. The study, by UKash, an online cash payment provider, may help dispel the age-old legend that St Andrews is one of the most elitist and extortionately expensive Universities in the UK.

In an effort to help prospective students applying to University, the study investigated 9 key living expenses including union drink prices, tuition fees, rent rates, gym membership and even car insurance.

St Andrews came in as the third least expensive University in the UK, behind Edinburgh Heriot-Watt and Edinburgh University. The cheapest University to attend, Heriot-Watt, costs a student on average £28, 761 over 3 years. Meanwhile St Andrews was a little more expensive, costing £33, 603 over 3 years.

Unsurprisingly the most expensive Universities are those based in London. London School of Economics, UCL and Imperial took the top three places, with LSE students paying up to £59,152 in living expenses – almost double that of St Andrews!

For those of you who are offended that St Andrews might be comparatively cheap should take these findings with a pinch of salt, as they might not give a fair representation of quite how expensive living in St Andrews really is.

Firstly, the figures stated above show the living costs over 3 years (the standard degree length for English Universities) however St Andrews, Edinburgh Heriot-Watt and Edinburgh are usually four-year degrees. Secondly, the study uses an average tuition fee of £5410 for St Andrews, however due to the large number of international students here, this figure is likely to be somewhat inaccurate.

Finally, the study doesn’t include the costs of major events like Balls and Fashion Shows, which are such a large part of St Andrew’s student life. Considering a ticket for a Ball or Fashion Show can range from £20 to £90 (not to mention entrance into the Lizard now being £4), this is clearly a substantial (and unquestionably necessary) expense for any St Andrews student. So don’t worry, you can still complain about how expensive student life is!

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