Review: Oktoberfest


Oktoberfest never fails to meet my high expectations of it.  Held at Kinkell Byre, Oktoberfest is a St. Andrews event that is truly unique and brings an authentic experience to St. Andrews, complete with an amusement park ride and 4,100 litres of Paulaner beer. (Yep, that many!)

Dressed in the traditional lederhosen and dirndl (this year I even saw some people wearing a suit, tie, wellies and Barbours with their lederhosen in true St. Andrews fashion) everyone was looking forward to having a great time.

The beer was efficiently sold with a token system, I never had to wait in long lines and each token was worth two steins of beer for 5 pounds.  The steins were smaller this year  which  resulted in less of a mess, as they were easier to carry around for the whole event.  Guests sat at the tables for only a short time, as the band was excellent and really set the Bavarian theme and everyone was keen to start dancing.  After grabbing a few steins everyone was  on the dancefloor by 3pm and the time flew by.


 The food was  exquisite, definitely a highlight of the day for me!  There was a large selection of traditional food, ranging from sausages to pretzels to new additions like the delicious shnitzelburger.  This year, we were blessed with sunny weather, honestly the best when you’re only wearing a short dress, or an even shorter lederhosen! (shout-out to the guy in the hot-pant, yellow version!)

What’s so special about  Oktoberfest is that it draws in so many people from outside St. Andrews,giving the event a more diverse feel that helps everyone to break out of the bubble blues.  The only problem is that since it was such a large event, it was easy to lose track of friends. Overall it was a really enjoyable day even though I did lose my coat, again.  Thank you to the Oktoberfest committee team for another successful year. Prost!


All photos courtesy of LightBox Creative



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