Review: AFTERSKI 2014

The Scandinavian Society’s take on après-ski proves a success.

\Upon returning to St. Andrews, the bombardment of advertisements for events, societies and AGMs reaches record levels. Yet, for anyone who already wanted to escape the normality of the bubble, reminisce about their 80s love-affairs and/or trips to Hemsedal (Chamonix or Val T wouldn’t be exactly appropriate…), the Scandinavian Society’s AFTERSKI had exactly what they desired.

Having sold out all remaining tickets at a fairly early stage, the decision to upgrade the venue to The Rule certainly paid off. The live band performed enthusiastically at the beginning of the night, transitioning to DJs in the later half. Judging by the fact that the majority of guests stayed until the end of the night, I assume the combination of Red Bull and great music were more than well received.

Free (and copious) shots of ice-cold Jägermeister combined with unlimited pints of Tennent’s Lager certainly justified the price of the ticket. In fact, you could have easily satisfied your liver (or annihilated it) without spending a single penny. The promise of free booze raises quite a few doubting eyebrows (House of Horror, anyone?) and the society’s generosity behind the bar certainly made a great impression upon guests.

The ski theme was evident in almost every aspect of the night. I was very much impressed by the tickets, which were designed as ski passes, as these certainly surpass the generic paper bands that take on the consistency and appearance of crepe paper after little more than an hour. The outfits of the guests were wild and colourful with neon face paint, neon salopettes and headbands in abundance. I also must mention the diversity of the crowd, meaning that it was not an exclusively Scandinavian affair – contributing to such a fun and international party atmosphere.

Ultimately, the Scandinavian Society’s take on après-ski was an event that guests would not forget in a hurry (depending on how much Jäger was consumed of course!)



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