Review: CrayFish

Laurent goes cray for Crayfish!

Given its reputation for raucousness and obscene consumption, the Scandinavian Society’s Crayfish Party has definitely been on people’s minds. Arrival was met by an unfortunate lack of glasses for the ice-breaking aperitivo white wine, but initial thirst was soon quenched when we were ushered into the Garden Suite of the Scores Hotel. The vast room was filled with tables in attractive hues of orange, with tall mounds of the notorious bright red crustaceans staring at us with their beady eyes and long antennae in the middle of the table.

We were seated and then greeted by our table’s ‘Drinksmaster’, a rather terrifying Scandinavian – truly the definition of a viking – wearing a comical conical hat who proceeded to bellow the word of the night – ‘SKÅL!’ This turned out to be the deadliest of cheers, as it accompanied not only the end of full glasses of wine, but also the even deadlier acquavit and snapps (we each had our own little bottle of the latter poison, which was a thoughtful but murderous touch).


The room’s ambience was absolutely incredible – packed with a very smartly-dressed crowd who entered with an almost tangible sense of anticipation. As soon as the ‘SKÅL!s’ started rolling, this crowd whipped itself, under the berserker-viking guidance of the Drinkmasters, into a frenzy. People were dancing on chairs, entire tables were lifted high into the air, with tablecloth, cutlery, glasses and all.

The crayfish turned out to be excellent ammunition, and was soon transformed from a food source into a projectile. I personally lobbed a fair quantity across the room, and I certainly was not the greatest criminal in that department! After the ‘eating’ was finished, things became more mobile and all of the tables were removed to make way for some very vigorous dancing


After about twenty minutes of sleep, I woke up for my 4am flight confused to find my pockets still full of  those damned hideous creatures. Evidence, I feel, of an absolutely cracking great evening. This was one of the most original events in St Andrews and is a must-go, even if you have not yet acquired the taste for crayfish–throwing them was more fun anyway! Raucous, outrageous, most certainly liquid–probably one of the best evenings this new semester has hosted so far. SKÅL!


All Photos Courtesy of Lightbox



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