Best Dressed: Opening Ball

Ebe Bamgboye on stylish Opening Ball evening wear.

Fashion was explosive this Saturday night at the Kate Kennedy Club’s Opening Ball. Before I could even take two steps down the red carpet, which led to the sophisticatedly decorated Lower College lawn, I was overwhelmed by a flurry of stylish St Andreans: a sight that continued throughout the night.


Abby Martins (2nd year)

Fashion icon: “You” [I’ll take it!]

Fashion essential: fluffy socks


 Euan Lyalll (postgrad)

Fashion icon: Daniel Craig

Fashion essential: Timberland boots


Alisha Tang (1st year)

Fashion icon: Karlie Kloss

Fashion essential: a beanie


Daniel Granville (2nd year)

Fashion icon: Gabrielle Chanel

Fashion essential: A good leather jacket


 Teresa St Goar (1st year)

Fashion icon: Angelina Jolie

Fashion essential: Good black trousers


Mikkel Skajem (3rd year)

Fashion icon: Johnny Depp

Fashion essential: a shirt


Sophie Varney (1st year)

Fashion icon: Millie Mackintosh

Fashion essential: skinny black jeans


Anne de Croy (1st year)

Fashion icon: Shakira

Fashion essential: Louboutin heels

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