SAASUM Brings the Summer Vibes

Kamilla Rekvényi runs us through SAASUM’s daytime social.

The back garden of 13 South Street got filled with students on the Sunday afternoon of the second week of school. As promised in the event description SAASUM’s Café Africa started off with beautiful sunshine and ended with an unexpected shower.

The day after the varsity, 50 guests let themselves prioritise the chilled atmosphere of Café Africa over the high pressure library stacks, and they made a great decision.

Walking into the garden and hearing the mood-enhancing music of DJ Ahmed Shareefy (aka DJ Med), it was easy to forget one’s obligations and give in to the spirit of the African barbecue.

For the entry fee of 5 pounds, the guests were offered traditional food and drinks. The number one was the Nigerian Jollof rice, but the hungry guests were also happy to consume the traditionally cooked chicken, sausages and burgers. As promised, there were sandwiches and tortilla chips with salsa and coleslaw to satisfy the vegetarian attendees.

On a different table, unique cocktails were provided, ranging from non-alcoholic sodas and juices to Watermelon Vodka Punch (directly from the fruit! ) and Elderflower Gin & Tonic.

The guests spent their time admiring the décor, selected photographs from the collaborative art project of SAASUM and ST.ART magazine. Guests could also get to know the society through talking to the friendly members of the committee or playing cards.   

A heavy shower ended the afternoon, but surprisingly enough it didn’t end the sunshine. The storm was followed by a double rainbow, a metaphor for the uniqueness of the party. 

Rina Agboraw, co-director of SAASUM (St Andrews Africa Summit), sees the event as a success. It was a wonderful way to introduce the class of 2020 to SAASUM, and a great way to start the academic year. She expects the further events coming up over the year, especially the Summit in February, to stand up for the standards of the Garden Party.   



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