The Definitive (and Shameless) St Andrews League Table Rankings

Dominic Nolan recaps the world university rankings.

Two weeks ago St Andrews was on a high. We were celebrating the tradition of Raisin Weekend, the envy of universities around the world, and we had just been announced by the Times Higher Education ‘Table of Tables’ 2017 as the third best university in Britain, behind only Oxbridge.

League tables provide us with an opportunity to shamelessly boast to our family and friends back home about just how damn good we are. Then there’s me, who committed the academic sin of seemingly being the only person on campus to not share the university’s Facebook post following the results being published. Therefore, I thought as opposed to jumping in the North Sea, I would compile all of the university’s world-class rankings in one place for us to look at whenever we needed reminding of our magnificence.

I concede that it is rather tasteless to flaunt one’s university league tables for the sake of an ego stroke or to be condescending to others (#whenwereyouevenfounded). However, it is okay to remember that you shouldn’t worry too much about university’s pressures or entering into the world of work as, statistically speaking, you’re just the bee’s knees. Without further ado:

National Rankings

Times Higher Education ‘Table of Tables’ 3
The Guardian 3
The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 4
The Complete University Guide 5

World Rankings

QS 77
Times Higher Education 110

National Subject Rankings (Guardian)

Anthropology 15
Biosciences 4
Business, Management & Marketing 7
Chemistry 8
Classics 4
Computer Science & Information Systems 1
Earth & Marine Sciences 10
Economics 31
English & Creative Writing 2
Geography & Environmental Sciences 7
History 3
History of Art 3
Mathematics 3
Medicine 20
Modern Languages & Linguistics 9
Philosophy 1
Physics 1
Politics 1
Psychology 1
Religious Studies & Theology 1

National Subject Rankings (Complete University Guide)

Anthropology 10
Biological Sciences 15
Business & Management Studies 1
Chemistry 6
Classics & Ancient History 4
Computer Science 3
Economics 6
English 3
French 6
Geography & Environmental Science 6
Geology 4
German 3
History 4
History of Art, Architecture & Design 4
Iberian Languages 7
Italian 14
Mathematics 4
Medicine 24
Middle Eastern & African Studies 4
Philosophy 4
Physics & Astronomy 4
Politics 2
Psychology 4
Russian & East European Languages 10
Theology & Religious Studies 4

As exam season approaches and deadlines build up remember that there’s a reason why you came here of all universities in the world and that you are the best this country has to offer. For encouragement, have a look at these league tables and know that you are making your family proud back home. Enjoy university while you can and know that the world is our oyster: You deserve to be here.



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