Interview with the team behind ‘St Andrews’ Day Celebration’

The Fellowship tell the Stand about their exciting plans for their “St Andrews’ Day Celebration” Weekend!

Zara Thacker

For those of you who recall the festivities of last year’s highly successful 600th Ball, good news is on its way. The Fellowship has just announced the highly anticipated sequel – A weekend of  Celebrating St Andrews (St Andrews’ Day Celebration to give it’s proper title). I spoke to three of the key players in organising what promises to be a memorable weekend, Tiffany Yates, Ball Director, Sean Mcdonald, head of music, and Alice Lecointe, head of press and front of house.

So what is The Fellowships’ new project?

This year there is real emphasis on the town and gown aspect of the weekend, and it’s going to be much more than just a ball. Prepare yourselves for three days of partying, including ceilidhs, lectures, services, more dancing, and even more food! The weekend of celebration is kicking off on Friday (28th Nov) with a Scottish history festival being hosted by the History Department. A Scottish themed dinner, and the St Andrew’s Ball for over 1200 people.
Saturday will host numerous community events throughout the day, including St Andrew’s food festival and a performance of Handel’s Messiah at Trinity Church.

The final day will see numerous church services in the morning, with a street festival, read music festival esque, in the afternoon. The entire weekend will be rounded off with a ceilidh of colossal proportions. The organisers are aiming for over 2000 people to attend, more than who will be attending the ball!

How are you going to top the success of last year’s celebration?

This year will be more a celebration of the town than last year was. Local business will be heavily involved, and more emphasis will also be put on the students themselves celebrating what they can achieve. Everything is going to be bigger and better with loads more surprises! Who knows what they could come up with after those light up wristbands?!

Anything special we should look out for?

Everything!! Last year was a celebration of the past, this November we will be looking forward to the next 600 years! More students will be involved, for the music for example, student DJs will be headlining, why go elsewhere when there is so much talent here?! The fellowship is all about surprises, so expect to be utterly shocked on the night!

This year is the first time that an event will cover three entire days. (The Stand does not endorse that you are in full party mode for the entirety of the 72 hours) Lower College Lawn will be transformed once again into something much more than a patch of grass. This is a time to celebrate the diverse, welcoming and wonderful place that we all live in. We hope you’re ready for some serious festivities!

Ticket sales taking place on 22nd October at the Vic, as well as the launch party on the 24th, also at the Vic.

Look out for The Stand’s Preview of the St Andrews’ Ball next week!!



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