One Night Stand: Kit Klaes

“The most awkward person alive” tries a blind date.

Kit Klaes

My name is Kit Klaes, I’m nineteen, and I’m single.

My dad calls me every day to see if my relationship status has changed (literally every single day. He has started “joking” about a dowry), so when I saw that The Stand was setting people up on blind dates, I thought, why not?

But there was no way I was going alone, so one of my best friends, Annabel Romanos, and I went together. [Ed. Note: See Annabel’s thoughts on the date here.]

As the date approached we started worrying about the endless possibilities of things that could go wrong. What if we were matched with people we knew? What if we liked the same guy? What if the guys were jerks, or even worse, what if we were stood up?

We decided to be mature adults and came up with a code word; if the date started to go downhill we would sabotage it completely and just make it the worst date ever.

Luckily it did not come to this.

Our date took place at “The One Under” on The Links. (On a completely unrelated note, go there immediately. If the date had sucked, which it didn’t, the food would have made up for it completely. Be sure to order an espresso martini. Probably the best one we’ve ever had.)

There we met our lovely dates Sam and Richard. On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being horrendous and 10 being absolutely amazing, it was surprisingly pleasant (what is that, like a 7? Numbers are hard.)

I tend to talk excessively, while Annabel likes to keep to herself. I rambled on about how amazing Texas is and how karaoke is the best hobby known to man. Annabel talked about her love for hall sport and fear of horses.

Sam and Richard smiled politely and put up with our obnoxious banter. Surprisingly, we seemed to keep the conversation afloat. I keep repeating the word “surprisingly” because I am probably the most awkward person alive. I fall down at least once a day, typically in a public place, and I have the tendency of saying the most embarrassing things without realizing what I’ve said. It’s not that we were expecting the guys to be terrible, I was just surprised that I wasn’t more awkward.

As the night went on we talked more, drank more, drank some more, and eventually relaxed and forgot about all of our worries.

Was it a love match? You’ll have to ask the guys. Was it enjoyable? I think we can confidentially say that it was (although it will be extremely mortifying if we read their article and see that they’ve ranked our date as a miserable experience.)

Blind dates seem like a weird concept, but they’re quite nice. You actually spend time on the date learning about the person, rather than pretending you haven’t already read these facts on their Facebook profiles/other forms of social media. Even if there’s no love connection, you can make new friends. Blind dates are also wonderful because they are the epitome of “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” You get to know people that you may have otherwise never approached.

If you’re not too anxious of a person, you should definitely go on one. Just be careful and mindful of the potential risks, as my mother texted me: “Do you know what these guys look like?!?? Stay in public places!!! Xox text me NOW!”

Fellas, if you’re interested in experiencing a blind date, it seems as if Annabel and I are still single 😉



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