St Andrews fresher missing for over 36 hours

He was last seen at the Vic on Tuesday night

Police have confirmed a first year from St Andrews is now being classed as a missing person after disappearing on Tuesday night.

Kieran McCann, an 18-year-old from Los Angeles, was last seen at around 1.30am at the Vic on Tuesday evening and didn’t return home that night. He was also seen at Ma Bells earlier in the evening.

His friends began to get worried and notified the police on Wednesday evening when he had been missing for over 24 hours. One of them said: “There was a group of five or six searching for him in Dundee.

“I was in touch with his parents who live in the states who let me know that they had been trying to get hold of the police.”

Dundee is a popular destination after a night out in St Andrews but there has been no trace of Kieran in the city. The group gave out fliers as well as contacting casinos, nightclubs and hospitals but with no luck.

They have also launched a Find Kieran Facebook event to raise awareness of their friend’s disappearance. They have also started a #findkieran hashtag alongside numerous search parties with volunteers due to start this afternoon.

Kieran was last seen wearing dark pants, a dark shirt, and a jacket. According to friends he is also sporting a newer quiff-like hairstyle.

If anyone has any information of his whereabouts from Tuesday they are strongly encouraged to contact the police and quote “Kieran McCann” in order to be put through to the correct people investigating the case.

Update 30/1/15: The body of Kieran McCann was found on the foreshore near the Sea-Life Centre. We offer our deepest condolences to Kieran’s family and friends. 



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