The Tatler’s guide to St Andrews is pretty accurate

We’ve seen worse.

When anyone publishes an article about St. Andrews, there’s potential for a certain amount of drama, but this time everything was surprisingly civil?

The Tatler’s University guide attempts to sum up several unis in a few words, St. Andrews included. What they had to say about us wasn’t too bad.

How to get in: “Be tough, be focused, be from overseas.” So this seems relatively complimentary thus far, and not untrue. Foreign students have a far easier shot at admittance than Scottish students, which increases the cultural diversity of the student population (good), but also results in frat themed house parties (less good).

Top subjects: ‘Politics and international relations, theology and computer science.’ This sounds about right.

Doss Subject: They claim there is none, but that’s not exactly true. One IR third year said, “Ha, management.”

Where you want to live: They say that accommodation here is “notoriously crap” and to aim for DRA or Agnes Blackadder. DRA is far, but nice (heated floors). ABH is slightly closer, and more-or-less the same. Macintosh, Regs, Sallies, all nice enough. The quality of halls is less of a problem than that of the private accommodation in town and the disproportionate prices some pay for it. Mould has been spotted in a flat where the tenants were paying about £650 a month.


Where you don’t: Alcohol-free flats. If anyone does live in one of these so called ‘alcohol-free’ flats, let’s get you writing about it. The rest of us are super curious about what your lives are like.

Where to drink: Why has ‘champagning’ died down in the past couple years? Bring it back. As a side note, the real St. Andrews classic is a pub crawl. Initiation pub crawls, exams-are-over pub crawls, my-exam-is-tomorrow pub crawls. The only thing we have more of in this town than pubs are Italian restaurants.

Best night out: When they say we love our wine and cheese they’re not wrong. But some of the best nights ‘out’ end up being flat parties with everyone you’ve ever met packed into a hollowed-out living room. We make do with what we have.

Bnocs:  Who decided on these? Since St. Andrews is so small, everyone probably does know some of those people… but doesn’t everyone kind of know everyone anyway?

Celeb alumni: “St. Andrews- Where Wills and Kate met” is getting repetitive by now, surely?

Don’t miss: Raisin Weekend. If you ask anyone what their favourite St. Andrews-based thing is, this will probably be at the top of the list. It’s simply the best tradition ever, elegantly combining the things St. Andrews students love most: drinking and telling other people when to drink.

Top Tip: Do May Dip. Can’t argue there.



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