Photo taken by Lorelei Pfeffer at the Adamson Cocktail Bar.

The Cocktail Bar Countdown

Kelly Lynch takes you on the classiest pub crawl in St Andrews.

Whether you’re celebrating or just hanging out with friends, there are multiple bars throughout St Andrews that serve a variety of cocktails – for when a simple vodka coke just won’t do the trick.

The Adamson

Photo: The Adamson

Classy and set back on South Street, this bar is a favourite for nighttime cocktail connoisseurs. In comparison to the other bars in town, the Adamson tends to be on the more expensive side; however, this is justified by the sheer quality of the cocktails listed on their lengthy menu.

From warm espresso martinis to chilly boozy shakes to the whole gamut of classic cocktails, the nearly fifty drinks on offer contain something for everyone. The inclusion of the Fiver Survivors (five drinks available for five pounds each; pictured above) further endears the bar to anyone on a budget. 

My recommendation: Black Irish; Moscow Mule 

West Port

Photo: West Port Bar & Kitchen

Also on South Street, the West Port is an establishment frequented by students for both food and drink. An extensive menu of classic, bubbly, sweet, and unique cocktails is provided alongside a list of mocktails for those abstaining and pitchers for those who want to share. Like the Adamson, the bar’s prices are a bit above average, but the cozy seating area and eclectic range of drinks more than make up for that. 

My recommendation: Banoffee Martini; Razzle Dazzle

The Vic

Photo: The Vic

Just across the street from the Union, this hipster-esque café-by-day, club-by-night offers a delicious variety of cocktails. Classics, twists, and completely unique drinks can all be found on the menu, many of which are served in one of the Vic’s signature jars.

The bar also serves punch bowls, in case you are feeling particularly boozy on a night out. Be warned: Cocktails are best ordered before the midnight crowds arrive, unless you plan on causing a bottleneck at the bar. 

My recommendation: Crushed Strawberry Fizz

Beacon Bar

Photo: St Andrews Students’ Association

Located on the top floor of the Union, Beacon Bar is the perfect place to satisfy your craving for cocktails at a student-friendly pricepoint. Though the décor is a bit bland (Beacon Bar is affectionately called “airport lounge” by some), it’s a classy, refreshing contrast to the chaos happening below in the Union and Club 601.

The menu is shorter than the others mentioned in this article, mainly offering classic cocktails, but there is also a separate listing of Eden Mill cocktails and an expansive range of colours for your Pablo’s WKD base. 

My recommendation: Royal Troon Triumph; White Russian; Red Pablo



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