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Shoes, Shoes and More Shoes

The Stand’s guide to nocturnal footwear.

My passion (some may call it addiction) is shoes. Beware, fellow shoe lovers: The cobblestones will not treat your beloved stilettos kindly. Walking through the cobbled minefield of College Street will devour every inch of those treasured heels. I only realised the damage done when I unpacked at home, though there is one positive- it gave me an excuse to shop for more shoes. 

Nevertheless, a girl is still going to need shoes. At this point I’m obviously biased, but I would still say to go for heels. Nowhere in St Andrews is very far from anywhere (unless you live in DRA, in which case you might as well wear heels during the taxi ride). Since the invention of platforms, pain is hardly an issue anymore. Heels make our legs look long and improve our posture, and who doesn’t feel powerful in stilettos?

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If you’re going for a low-key drink at the Brew Co, your very best LK Bennett glittery silvers probably aren’t the best choice. I advise purchasing black ankle boots with a heel. They’re perfect because they can look dressed up or dressed down depending on what you’re wearing. When we get to February, you can pair them with a sneaky pair of thick black socks and no one will be the wiser.

That said, don’t leave the LKs at home. In this town, they will get their moment of glory. We have a ball or a fashion show nearly every weekend, and fancy dress is very much encouraged. Watch this space for an article on what to wear for those.

If you’re unsteady on your feet, then go for wedges in lieu of stilettos. On the negative, wedges can sometimes look a little unsophisticated, especially when paired with an outfit begging for something more delicate. That said, the wedge will last longer than normal heels against wear and tear, and the platforms tend to be easier on the feet. 

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If you have your heart dead set against heels, then flats it is. I hate to sound like an uppity bouncer, but please no trainers. Flats have come a long way since the early 2000s and we should embrace it. Leave the converse for the daytime and get a nice pair of ballerina pumps. (NB for the Americans: Over here, pumps mean flats. I can’t tell you the grief this caused me last year when talking shoes with American pals.) 

If, like me, your foot is narrower than an alleyway, then you may be inclined to say no to the ballerina style. This is where moccasins come in. They’re basically the square version of the ballerina pump but they don’t gape as much and are generally sturdier. If you still have trouble then get a buckle or wear smart flat boots.

One final note: When I mentioned ballerina pumps, I didn’t mean your old school shoes. I know you’ve been through a lot together, but look at them. The leather’s turning green and you’ve still got tipex on them from that fight you had in Lower Sixth. I didn’t have the heart to throw mine away. My mum kindly waited until I left home before phoning me and saying, “I’m sorry, but they’re gone.” 



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