Ziggy’s: A Rocker’s Delight

Natasha Franks reviews Ziggy’s.

Billed as St Andrews’ original themed restaurant, Ziggy’s was established in 1983, long before any of the now-familiar chains had taken root on Market Street. Reminiscent of America’s Hard Rock Cafe, the small eatery is characterised by rock memorabilia ranging from guitars to cymbals to framed records. Certainly unique as far as St Andrean venues go, the out-of-the-way location past Greyfriars makes foot traffic unlikely. Guests must seek Ziggy’s out, and in that regard it is one of our town’s many hidden gems.

The menu is pricey at first glance. When compared to Rascals’ “feed me for a fiver” lunch deal or Maisha’s abundance of set menus, nearly £10 for a burger at a relatively casual establishment seems excessive. In keeping with its American-inspired roots, however, Ziggy’s provides an impressive amount of bang for one’s buck. Two full racks of ribs at £14.45 would be more than enough for a table of five, let alone a table of two.

The ribs were described by William Marshall as being “as good as any ribs I’ve had in the UK”, while my own macaroni cheese was equally enjoyable, if a bit large. When it comes to the classic burger and chips pairing, I would place the quality of Ziggy’s burger over that of its fries. That said, the entire meal was certainly scrumptious, and when set to the classic tunes of David Bowie and The Doors we were able to enjoy our food within a pleasant atmosphere.

Fortunately, Ziggy’s provides doggy bags should the Godzilla-sized meals be too much for a single guest to handle. Try as we might, we could barely make dents in our oversized plates. I would recommend the restaurant to large groups who intend to share portions, or to people who live nearby and would not mind carting home a few portions of ribs.

Overall, I found Ziggy’s to be a very enjoyable afternoon. Clearly catering to the American tourist market, the restaurant still may attract students looking for a hefty meal or locals seeking a fresh experience. Just be sure to diet in advance!



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