Xavier Ball 2016 Set to Shine Brighter Than Ever

Samantha Marcus and Elizabeth Stockton take us behind the scenes of this year’s XB.

Founded by one of our very own St Andrews graduates, the Xavier Project has supported global education for refugees since 2008. The Xavier Ball is the fundraising centrepiece of the Project’s efforts, held annually at the Crail Airfield outside of St Andrews. The Stand talks to Co-Directors Samantha Marcus and Elizabeth Stockton about what we can expect from the ball, held this year Friday, 7th October.

Xavier Ball’s launch party will be held at The Lizard on Thursday, 15th September. Early bird tickets to the ball itself can be purchased on Tilt.

The Stand: What differentiates Xavier Ball from other St Andrews events?

Samantha Marcus & Elizabeth Stockton: The Xavier Ball is different from other St Andrews events in that it breaks from the ‘posh’ stereotype that is attached to the traditional St Andrean affair. XB is all about joy; it’s a celebration of light, brightness, hope and fun that are also valued by our supported charity, the Xavier Project. Rather than putting on airs and requiring formal dress, the Xavier Ball is more analogous t0 a music festival than to a black tie gala.

We are also proud to boast the cheapest drinks of all St Andrews events, with The Saint-endorsed “shortest bar queue” in or out of town. With multiple bars and marquees, we’ve set up the event to keep attendees happy and free from queuing.


TS: Tell us about the charity that Xavier Ball supports.

SM & ES: The Xavier Ball was set up directly to benefit the work of the charity The Xavier Project, started by St Andrews alum Ed Page. The Xavier Project (XP) works to transform the lives of refugees living in Kenya and Uganda by providing access to education and job-training silks. Through scholarships and workshops at local Tamuka Hubs or computer labs, refugees living in Nairobi and Kampala have access to new opportunities that are supported and facilitated by XP.

TS: What is the standard XB dress code?

SM & ES: There is no standard when it comes to XB! Be comfy, be bright, relish the opportunity to not worry about painful blisters or falling over in heels. Our Rafiki Fabrix trousers and shorts are always a great option for those looking to support the Xavier Project’s microfinance initiative directly.



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