Five Things To Do This Week

Freshers’ Week may be over but the fun is just beginning.

1. PIMMS Refilled

A new (and hopefully improved) version of The Lumsden Club’s popular springtime event, PIMMS will fill The Rule with enough red and fizzy liquid to sate the thirst of a very classy army.

2. Heat

The concept that changed St Andrews’ nightlife, this club night is making its much anticipated return to The Rule on Thursday.

3. DONT WALK Model Auditions

For a chance to strut the catwalk in front of nearly one thousand of your peers, audition for the DONT WALK Charity Fashion Show. The annual auditions are known for being highly competitive.

4. Freshers’ Fiesta

The Hispanic Society will also take a turn at The Lizard with their welcome fiesta. Latin tunes and plenty of pictures shall make Tuesday unforgettable.

5. Throwback Thursday

Asquire’s classic throwbacks return for the 2016 / 2017 year. Although Thursday is already crowded with events on at The Rule and The Lizard, The Vic’s throwbacks are a St Andrews’ staple and deserve a slot on the Thursday night roster.



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