How to Get the Perfect Face

Beauty is only skin deep, after all.

Your makeup is only as good as your skincare. It’s something I’ve always been told and always believed. Don’t get me wrong, I love makeup as much as the next person, but I would rather have good skin and save myself the effort.


My quest for the perfect skin isn’t over yet; I’ve been through hell with it. As a teenager I had a severe case of acne, and I don’t mean the kind of acne where you freak out over one or two spots, I’m referring to my entire face covered in huge zits that didn’t go away until I was 17.

Skincare and makeup are very similar, predominately in the fact that they are perfected through trial and error. I’ve probably been through more skincare products than I have foundation, but it’s a close call. It’s worth getting into a decent skincare routine when you’re young because it will save you a lot of aggro when you’re older.

If you’re a teen, start like a teen.

Products such as: Clearasil, Simple, Bare Minerals, Clean and Clear and Neutrogena are aimed at teenage skin. Teen skin is hormonal and sensitive and these products are fairly cheap, so start there. When you find your niche (or find what isn’t working) step it up a notch to a more mature brand, such as Lancôme or Dior. I worked my way through all of the above an eventually found that Lancôme was the best for me, but everyone’s skin is different.

So, how do I know what I need?

Moisturiser, toner, cleanser, exfoliating gel, face wash, night cream, day cream, just-woke-up cream, I-don’t-even-know-what-this-is cream… You don’t need all of that. Just like with your makeup, pick the ones that suit your daily life and your skin.

Planning on having a few late nights? Invest in cleansing water and some eye cream: The water takes off the dirt from your face and the eye cream takes care of those dark circles in the morning.

Makeup Artist Samantha Ravndahl
Makeup Artist Samantha Ravndahl

Wearing makeup every day? Then you need a night cream or mask. It will hydrate your face whilst you sleep and won’t upset the balance of your skins natural oils. Night-time is the most important time for your skin because when you sleep your face rebalances. Everything your makeup or your face wash has been secretly stripping away is restored, as if by magic.

The one item that everyone needs whether you are male or female, is moisturiser. I have very oily skin, and I still need moisturiser.

I would also advise caution when using face wash. Use it too often or use a cheap one that isn’t suited to your skin, and you’ll get spots. This happens because you’re stripping away all of your natural oils and then your face is working two times over to replace them. This clogs your pores and traps the dirt, two things that combine with day to day stress to create breakouts.

Once you get into a skincare routine, your skin improves. Your blemishes die down because your face is getting everything it needs, and your breakouts aren’t as bad because you’re now aware of the oil balancing act. For some, breakouts never fully go away, but a little bit of Sudocrem on the odd spot goes a long way.

Makeup also becomes easier when your skincare is better. Lighter makeup feels and looks nicer than anything thick. Once your skin is on point, it’s not long until your makeup follows suit.

Pick a lighter foundation. BB creams are amazing for this as they have moisturising properties. Tinted moisturiser doesn’t always give amazing coverage, however they are better for your skin. This is for “everyday” makeup; obviously if you’re heading out and you want to channel your inner Beyoncé, then stick with a thicker foundation.

Nowadays it seems to be a trend to focus more on makeup than your skin, and this is dangerous. Start investing in skincare, because it benefits you so much more in the long run. Makeup styles change all the time, but good skin will never go out of fashion.



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