St Andrews vs Edinburgh: The Posh Off

Elliot Smith chronicles the off-pitch battle between St Andrews and Edinburgh.

Saturday’s Varsity match saw the Saints boys triumph on the field, but what of in the stands? The seats that surround Murrayfield were the location of a competition every bit as impassioned as Kingdom vs Capital: the posh off to end all posh-offs. Many might assume St Andrews would lead the charge, but Edinburgh came out in full home county glory to give us a run for our money.

Being typecast as the “posh uni”, St Andrews arrived accustomed to our role as Scotland’s resident chino-wearing tossers. Edinburgh, on the other hand, represents a different, and somehow even less tolerable, type of posh: posh that thinks it can be cool, a sort of upper middle class hipster. This type of posh trades chinos for vintage jackets and sports wear, and it certainly wouldn’t be caught dead in a ball gown. But is this, in fact, Edinburgh’s downfall?

Edinburgh Charity Fashion Show, 2016
Edinburgh Charity Fashion Show, 2016

From what I’ve seen of my short time in St Andrews, we don’t take ourselves too seriously despite being on the posh side. We manage to avoid the worst of self-entitled, public-school boy, ego-enthused behaviour that I saw on unashamed display amongst our rivals this past Saturday. One Edinburgh lad turned to a nearby girl and proclaimed her, in tones dripping with lascivious privilege, “the loosest girl he’d ever met.” A comment passed off as lad banter. Yeah.

Halfway through the match, a group of Edinburgh students next to us began to chant “You’re just a small town in Scotland” in jeer. I took a little offence to the song. Sure, we get a lot of flack for our unabashed poshness, but when the alternative is £300 “ironic” Urban Outfitters bills and packed techno clubs, I think I’ll keep my chinos and head off to The Bop.

And besides, we have more pubs per student than any other Uni. I’m pretty sure Edinburgh can only say the same about indie coffee shops – and I know which I prefer.



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