Trump Vs Hillary: Who Said What Again?

Raisa Muhtar reminds potential voters of Donald Trump’s proposed policies.

With Donald Trump loosing support from key Republican figureheads like Senator John McCain of Arizona and Paul Ryan, the speaker of the House over his overtly sexist comments against women made years ago resurfacing, and Hillary Clinton’s brand new WikiLeaks scandal, it is hard to predict just where this election might take us next. However, with 8 November just right around the corner, it’s important for us to really take a good look at some of each of the Candidate’s policy proposals in order for the Americans of this campus to properly decide where they should place there vote when the time comes. Americans please don’t forget to vote!

The Breakdown:

On Jobs

Donald Trump: “I will be the greatest jobs president God has ever created” by creating 25 million imaginary new jobs without really proposing a solid plan, other than blaming the lack of jobs “on illegal Mexican migrants and the Chinese”.

Hillary Clinton: Providing an actual plan on job creation by way of investing in advanced manufacturing, technology, renewable energy, and small businesses. She claims that her “experts” have estimated that the plan will lead to the creation of 10 million new jobs.

On Immigration

Donald Trump: Building a wall and then letting the Mexicans pay for it. Oh, also calling for a ban on all Muslims from entering the US until we “figure out what’s going on”.

Hillary Clinton: Basically continuing whatever Obama is doing right now on the issue.

On Foreign Policy

Donald Trump: Burn all ties the US has with the outside world whilst edging on Russian hackers to find Hillary Clinton’s missing emails.

Hillary Clinton: Years of experience as a senator and a secretary of state has not gone without her untainted; she supported the US war in Iraq (of which she now regrets) and her bad judgement had led to the unfortunate events in Benghazi. She still supports a US presence in Afghanistan and also expresses similar interest with Trump in expanding the fight against the so-called Islamic state. 

On Taxation

Donald Trump: Make the rich get richer by cutting corporate taxes and estate taxes.

Hillary Clinton: Increasing taxes on the wealthy to go towards healthcare and education, also making Trump actually pay federal income taxes after 18 years of avoidance.

On Climate Change

Donald Trump: “The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive”. Yep. Go figure.

Hillary Clinton: Opposes further drilling of oil in Alaska and the development of the Keystone pipeline, calling for more stringent regulations on the non-renewable energy industry.

On Refugees

Donald Trump: Trump has been quite inconsistent on the issue, first issuing a ban on all Muslims entering the country until “we figure out what’s going on”, an unconstitutional act before then promoting a revision to his statement advocating for a “suspension on immigration from areas of the world when there is a proven history of terrorism against the United States, Europe, or our allies,” adding that a blanket ban on Muslims entering the country was just a “suggestion”.

Hillary Clinton: Called for an increase in the number of Syrian refugees resettled in the US from the current 10,000 annual level to 65,000. the refugees should be “carefully vetted”, but notes that current procedures already involve a multi-year application process and refugees do not know in which nation they will be settled. She says the US has a history of welcoming those fleeing oppression and violence, which she wants to continue.

On Gun Control

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton: Both advocate for more or less the same stance; both wish to advocate for more careful screenings and stringent background checks to those purchasing firearms, with both denying that the Second Amendment on “the right to bear arms” will be in jeopardy if each is to win the presidency. Basically, also the same stance as current President Obama.

On Abortion

Donald Trump: He has called for punishments against women who have had abortion procedures done, before advocating for a milder stance of a ban on abortion with exceptions for cases on “rape, incest and the life of the mother”. He does not support planned parenthood. Echoes the patriarchal, traditional dichotomy of men in power telling what women should do with their bodies.

Hillary Clinton: Wants to increase the regulation on abortion clinics and against movements to ban abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy. She also wants to continue support for Planned Parenthood. Being the first woman in the Oval Office may drastically change attitudes and bring more progressive, comprehensive policies regarding Women’s health.

With that being said, keep some of these policies in mind when you make up your mind on voting in the Election this coming November!



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