Alasdair Todd + The Adamson: A Compelling New Sound

Natasha Franks reviews 500, the Adamson bar’s latest hit event.

“This is the only place in St Andrews that feels like London.”

So spoke Alasdair Todd, in anticipation of an event that intended to capitalise on the cosmopolitan aura of the Adamson Bar.

Here, attractive bartenders serve cocktails that brim with bubbles and smoke. Even when lacking the theatrical presentation, not one drink lacks for flavour: Watermelon martini, honeysuckle daiquiri, absinthe colada – all are creations unique to the Adamson, easily placing its menu above those of rival cocktail bars at Hotel du Vin or Westport. Recently the bar has launched an event that may further ingratiate itself with the student population of the town: 500.

adamson alasdair
Photo: The Adamson

500 intends to function as Tuesday evening pre-drinks. The event is no hard sell, considering the bar’s heady atmosphere and enticing drinks menu, however students may balk at the potential for a high price tag. To compete with Tesco’s finest vodka and mixers, 500 features a list of £5 cocktails. The ten drink menu includes crowd favourites (East Side, anyone?) alongside an eclectic variety of alcoholic beverages, each more exotic than the last. Following a VIP launch on 11th October, 500 will open its doors to the public on every ensuing  Tuesday from 9 pm.

The true draw of the event – and the reason behind its success – lies in the music. Cost effective cocktails are a powerful incentive in their own right, but once drinks are in hand guests require ambiance. This is achieved by the musical stylings of Alasdair Todd, 500’s resident DJ.

Todd DJs from a balcony above the bar entryway, allowing him to read the crowd without the fear of drinks spilling across his decks. His performance appears laid-back, as seamless mix folds into seamless mix, yet there is a controlled element to the sound. This brand of sultry house is a salute to the pulsating beats of a rooftop bar in Mayfair, a constant rhythm that shuns traditional base drops in favour of a gradual shift in tone. Todd maintains the energy level in the room, rather than attempting to force it one way or another, tracking the mood of the guests from their first drink to their last. The absence of soulless dubstep and screeching airhorns is precisely what is needed at a sociable pre-drinking event, and in this way the music maketh the night.

This coming Tuesday (and every Tuesday more), anyone can venture forth to the Adamson Bar to witness 500 in person.



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