Goat House: American Frat Meets St Andrews

Natasha Franks previews Goat House, a larger iteration of last year’s house party.

Frat culture and St Andrews culture bear few similarities. Frat boys are defined by beer and backwards baseball caps, while St Andrean males don jackets and ties for a night at the Vic. As evidenced by an abundance of black tie events, this university loves its dressiness: One popular joke centres on our inability to recognise if someone is doing a walk of shame or heading to a 9 am lecture. Wherever we go, whatever we are doing – we aspire to look good in the process.

The Goat House intends to alter this unspoken dress code. Organiser Hunter Pruitt recalls the event in its original form, then no more than a house party. “People felt overdressed. I saw some people walk in, look around, and say, ‘I need to go home and change.’ It’s not a typical vibe for St Andrews.” As a frat-themed night, Goat House encourages an American style dress code, advising guests to dress as down as they dare.

The event takes its name from Blue Mountain State, an American television show that followed the exploits of a fraternity. Despite the less than stellar reputation that frats have, no one questions their ability to throw a good house party. Red solo cups filled with jungle juice and the sounds of hip hop and house; these are the attributes that Goat House intends to borrow. The committee felt that The Rule best fit their vision, the spacious venue acting as a blank slate ripe for transformation. On Friday 4 November, they plan to unveil the closest thing to a frat house that St Andrews will ever experience.

The go-to phrase of the night is “East vs West” – as in, East Coast vs West Coast. Malibu blondes will battle prep school princesses, while fans of American football can channel the latest Rams vs Giants throwdown. The rivalry has always been a light-hearted one, perfectly suited to the laid-back vibe of the night.

To complete the house party aesthetic, the committee has booked DJs Visen, .Nips and Joe Grimeh, the latter of whom is equipped with extensive experience in DJing American parties. The committee stresses the importance of a cohesive sound; the DJs will all meet in advance to coordinate their mixes.

Soon to become a semesterly occurrence, Goat House will surely provide a welcome breath of fresh air within the sometimes stagnant St Andrews events scene. Much as Tea House and Heat have changed the face of our local nightlife, this frat party has the potential to contribute yet another facet to an average night out. Tickets can be purchased through FIXR



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