5 Things to Do This Week

Rocky Horror, Reeling, and more.

1. Rocky Horror Halloween Party

It’s the most flamboyant Halloween event in town. Head to the Union tonight to celebrate your last chance for a night in costume.

2. R.I.P Tequila Tuesday With Asquire

A staple event since the beginning of time (or at least for like, a year) Tequila Tuesday has appropriately timed its death with All Hallow’s Day. Enjoy those £2 tequila shots with the women’s lacrosse team one last time.

3. DONT WALK Launch Party

After last year’s successful event, DONT WALK will return to Forgans with another invitation-only launch dinner on Thursday 3rd November.

4. Goat House : East vs West

It’s the only frat party in St Andrews. Goat House promises jungle juice and outstanding music at the Rule on Thursday 4th November.

5. St Andrews White Tie Reeling Ball 2016

To round off the week, Reeling Society will return with its sold out white tie ball on Saturday 5th November. Prepare your dance cards for another classic night.



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