Photo: Goat House

Goat House: Welcome to the Jungle (Juice)

Natasha Franks reviews Goat House.

As evidenced by the steady slew of frat-themed parties hosted throughout St Andrews, solo cups and beer pong are a winning combination. On Friday 4 November, The Rule hosted the biggest frat party to date – or, certainly the most successful one. Titled “Goat House,” the event promised excellent music and sizeable quantities of jungle juice. Not only did the event deliver, but it offered so much more. 

The Rule itself was nearly unrecognisable. American and British flags nearly obscured the walls, in keeping with the committee’s desire to unite the two cultures. Hardly a post-event photo can be found that does not include a classic red cup, the defining characteristic of any frat house. Guests contributed to the unique atmosphere by gamely embracing the night’s theme: Football jerseys, backwards baseball gaps, jeans and trainers replaced the traditional little black dress and stilettos, a refreshingly casual dress code that placed comfort about class.

Photo: Natasha Waddell
Photo: Natasha Waddell

Also a refreshing change was the utilisation of the entire venue. Similar to The Lumsden Club’s PIMMS: Refilled, the often empty back area of The Rule was filled with tables for rounds of beer pong. Not only an excuse to drink more liquor, the games provided guests with entertainment that extended beyond dancing.

The music itself was marvellous, as expected. All three DJs – nips., Visen and Joe Grimeh – have extensive experience in their craft, talent that was demonstrated throughout the night. Thanks to the carefully structured planning process of Goat House, the trio had collaborated in advance on their mixes for the night, ensuring a consistent sound from open until close. Jungle juice in hand, guests kept the dancefloor, back room and balcony at full capacity until the lights came on at 1 am.

Not only was Goat House a departure from the usual Friday night at The Vic, it is also the potential start of a new era. Many fledgling events falter and fail; sold-out amidst high demand for tickets, Goat House deftly avoided this fate. It will certainly make a much-anticipated return next semester, assuming its place as a new staple nighttime event in St Andrews.



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