Spotlight On… Oxfam

Oxfam Society lets us in on their activities.

Oxfam Society is a fun, really sociable group that meets regularly to plan awareness and fund-raising events. Over the last few years we’ve organised everything from bake sales, pub quizzes and ceilidhs, joined Climate Change marches, held second-hand clothes sales and hosted speakers from Oxfam Scotland giving a lecture on topical issues.  

We’re a small group, but we’re growing!  Oxfam didn’t exist as a society in St Andrews until a few years ago, and it is now one of the leading charity groups on campus. As our membership increases, we’re always on the lookout for the new generation of students to take up roles within the committee.  

The work we do makes an impact in the real world. Every year we fundraise money and send it back to Oxfam HQ. Through Oxfam’s work, £42 can supply water to three villages, or £20 can build two toilets. As a society we’re able to do a lot more than that every year! Also, the awareness that we raise is invaluable. Every student that leaves St Andrews knowing something about the important work Oxfam does is fantastic. I’d recommend Oxfam to anyone who wants to put their energy into something impactful and amazing. 

I’d say to anyone who’s interested in working with a charity during their time here that Oxfam is fun and so rewarding! And if you don’t believe me, just look up Oxfam. Look at their website, their social media pages. Get a feel for what they’re about, their aims and achievements. Oxfam is a leading UK charity, making huge differences to people across the world. They work on long-term development as well as on the frontline of disasters, such as in Haiti right now. Oxfam also works in the UK – challenging economic inequality and lobbying the government against issues like tax evasion. They’re a forward-thinking, global force that is so great to be a part of. 

And here in St Andrews we’re always looking for more students! You can become a member and come to our events for a discount. Or, you can get in touch to become a part of our committee and have a really active role in planning events and leading campaigns. Oxfam has been one of the best things I’ve been a part of at St Andrews – it’s exciting and great experience, whilst making a difference to the world we live in!  

Also, on Saturday 19 November we have a big event coming called Oxjam. It’s a live music night in the union, with the best music that St Andrews has to offer, and all the profit goes to charity! We’d love it if anyone who wants to get involved in helping to run Oxjam, or joining Oxfam in general, gets in touch via our email [email protected] or our Facebook page




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