Time to Say “No” to Illiberal Labellers

Ian Donnell criticises political keyboard warriors.

The events of 2016 have come as a shock to ninety-five percent of the St Andrews population. They cannot understand why Trump won, as everyone they met at the Democrats Abroad election party said they voted for Hillary. And as for Brexit, wasn’t it just, like a couple of guys in St Andrews Tories who wanted that?

While I was optimistic about Brexit and predicted Trump’s victory, I was still surprised by the level of ridiculousness exhibited by dozens of my Facebook friends following last week’s election.

Their queues to apologise to women, Hispanics, LGBT people were longer than at Dervish on a Friday night. Any reasonable person would have noticed that there was no “Trump-effect” on the Hispanic vote during this election, the Democrat advantage on women (around ten points) was pretty much as it was in both 2012 and 2008, and Trump was arguably the most pro-LGBT Republican nominee in history.

The current metropolitan liberal-elite, shout-it-loudest, populace of St Andrews believe they are enlightened experts on what is best for each group and it therefore suits them to employ a policy of ethnic separatism.

Not satisfied with separating ethnicities, many students want to impose a hierarchy. If you are, like myself, a white Christian male, then I am afraid you are guilty of all crimes against humanity and are situated at the very bottom of the ethnic ladder. I was recently informed that it was not my place to take pride in democracy as I am “white, able-bodied and straight”.

No longer is it the individual’s responsibility to form and carry his own belief structure and inherent values. What was once individual responsibility is now social responsibility. We are merely buoys adrift at sea, set to move on tides of social forces impinged on us because of our ethnicity.

The success of St Andrews is a fine demonstration of how people can come together from around the world and thrive in diversity. We cannot abandon our individual beliefs and responsibilities because it suits someone with an overgrown and misplaced social conscience to brand us and slot us into their abacus of social understanding according to our race, gender or sexuality.

If the idea that failures are due to actions of a “bad society” or the stupidity, or bigotry of a specific race, class or gender continues to manifest itself amongst the St Andrews community, then they undermine an individual’s duty to himself, his own principles, and remove his sense of self-worth, while perpetuating amongst their elite-liberal selves the culture of control of groups rather than assisting the individual.

Even while they wilt like spinach leaves when forced to encounter the real world, this metropolitan elite either berate us or pity, patronise and apologise to us according to their ill-conceived, racially-computed and grievance-driven calculations of our worth

I for one totally and utterly reject their expressions of ethnic separatism, and you should too.



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