Woodstock ’69: Flowery Fun

Kelly Lynch reviews the Children of Rwanda’s latest event.

Typically Ma Bells only calls to the masses on a Tuesday night. Last Friday, however, the Children of Rwanda welcomed a crowd for their sold-out event Woodstock ’69.

The venue was decked out in tie dye, peace signs, flower crowns and everything else groovy, while many attendees dressed to the theme, flower crowns being a crowd favourite. While modern tunes (rather than the music actually played at Woodstock as the theme would suggest) were pumped through the bar by DJs Ferdinand Vermersch and Matt Payne, the crowd still enjoyed the event—with some considering it one of the best Ma Bells nights of the year. Despite being a sold out event, Ma Bells was not packed wall to wall with little breathing room like many Tuesday nights. Therefore, it was much more enjoyable for those seeking a space where they could chill with friends in between songs.

The event waxed and waned in the number of attendees present, but there was no dead moment throughout the night. Due to Ma Bells’ placement overlooking the North Sea, many attendees donned alcohol blankets to make up for the freezing weather. The drink prices at Ma Bells are something to consider when attending an event here and it would not be surprising that many people left and returned only after acquiring further drinks.

The event held a raffle, with tickets sold at wristband collection. The raffle featured prizes from Myrqvist, Bibi’s Café, Anthropologie, Vine Leaf Restaurant, the Old Cheese Shop, Iain Burnett, and Jaegereister. This event helped raise money for the Children of Rwanda’s cause, which is to help cover the costs of schooling and healthcare to children in Rwanda. This event alone raised enough money to pay for 113 children.



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