NoQ Might Fulfil our Christmas Wishes

A new app streamlines the ticket buying process – and prevents scalping.

A group of St Andrews students have created an app that prioritises simplicity and convenience – in particular, no queueing. The appropriately named NoQ is customised to the student market; after logging in using your University email address, you will have the option of purchasing secondhand tickets from an assortment of events. Rather than refreshing a Facebook event page, you can instead view every ticket available on a single, streamlined screen.

Currently Christmas Ball is the phrase on everyone’s tongue. Once in a blue moon, you may glimpse a ticket for sale somewhere in the depths of Facebook; however, Facebook was not designed as a ticket selling website. Sellers are besieged with dozens of messages, all offering a variety of incentives in exchange for the ticket. As the seller wades their way through the chaos, the buyers struggle to learn if they have been successful or not.

Although a few people have the foresight to either delete the post or comment “sold,” many do not. This renders an event page a series of false hopes, as students message any available-looking seller only to be told: “Sorry, it’s been gone for over a week now.” On NoQ, sold tickets are explicitly marked as sold, without any room for confusion.

NoQ allows sellers to set their own prices. It then caters to the buyers by first informing them of the lowest available price. This way, no one accidentally overspends or undersells. The app was built by students, for students, meaning that everything – from the user interface to the signup process to the emphasis on cost efficiency – has been created with students in mind.

With Christmas Ball coming up, now may be the ideal time to download the app – both for the ball, and in preparation of fashion show season in February.



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