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Local Student Wins Local BNOC Competition

It will come as no surprise that Wild Bill took home the prize.

Back during the hustle and bustle of exams, one thing that kept a number of students enthusiastic was they awaited the result of the “Big Name On Campus’. Originally set up as a promotion for a Dutch music festival, over hundreds of St Andrews students have contributed to promoting their friends as one of the biggest names of campus.

The winner was announced on Friday 9th December with William Herring (aka Wild Bill) taking first place and winning the festival ticket. His victory was worth 88 points; only one point above second-place winner Connor Stobo. The two had been close contesters, with Stobo taking the lead until the final days of the competition. Gaining less than half the points that Herring and Stobo achieved, runners up include Alex Fletcher, Ronan Coyne and Adam Chapman.

Although it appears like a male-dominated competition Sophie Rao and Sarah McLean were also amongst the lead. The competition obviously wouldn’t have been as funny without some well-known (slightly out of the Bubble) names showing up: The obligatory Harambe and Donald Trump were also featured on the list.

The idea of a “Big Name on Campus” attracts critics as well as worshippers. Some onlookers thought the idea of a BNOC was a “joke” and that “people weren’t taking it seriously.” But if getting just 88 votes with minimal effort gets you a free ticket to one of the largest music festivals in the Netherlands, then surely there’s little to complain about!

The student-run competition offered a free festival ticket to Spring Break Amsterdam, a 3-day music festival to which a standard ticket is priced at £89. The line-up has only recently been released, and includes acts such as Alphabet Pony, J-Train and Jay Nino. 

Congratulations to Wild Bill, all the runners up, and of course all their supporters who helped them come this far.



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