Celebrate St Patrick’s Day, St Andrews Style

The Rule will host the Uni’s first St Paddy’s themed event.

St Patrick’s Day has come to be regarded as a twenty-four hour furlough from the infamously alcohol-restrictive Lent. Combined with the Irish population’s already boisterous reputation, St Paddy’s might surpass Raisin Sunday as the booziest holiday on the calendar. Two students intend to cater to this drink-loving demographic by organising the first St Patrick’s Day event ever to hit St Andrews.

Aptly titled St Patrick’s Day, the event bills itself as a microcosm of the Dublin bar scene. Irish-inspired band the Wild Murphys (“over 1 million hangovers caused!”) will open with a round of live music, followed by the musical stylings of DJ Asquire. Known for his Throwback Thursdays, Squires has a style that suits the predicted vibe of St Patrick’s Day: “This is for anyone in St Andrews,” organiser Aidan Thomson says. “It’s very anti-exclusivity. It’s casual, it’s fun, and it’s cheap.”

Early bird tickets, released today, are priced at £8. Guests will then be granted access to a wonderland of green, from the Rule’s own Paddy’s Punch to a variety of verdant drinks. Most notably, Guinness, an Irish necessity, will be 25% off.

“This is St Patrick’s Day with a St Andrews twist,” says organiser Mike Glover-Smith. “Just one big, non-pretentious blowout.”

Tickets can be bought through FIXR.



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