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St Andrews Student Runs for Local Seat

Campaigning has begun for upcoming May elections.

Skipping ahead four months down the line, it won’t just be Star Wars fans screaming on May 4th. The Scottish local elections will be held all around the country, as councillors, party leaders and voters await a decision that will shape the future of their communities. 

Scotland has 32 local authorities, each of which is then further split up into wards with each electing up to 4 councillors via the Single Transferable Vote. Our lovely bubble of St Andrews is one of the wards that elects 4 councillors – maybe making the choice a little fairer to you voters.

Flashback to last year; the SNP won the election but missed out on their majority; placing the Scottish conservatives in second place, in terms of seats, and the labour slipped to third. The fourth largest party in the Scottish parliament was dominated by the Scottish Greens, resulting in the Liberal Democrats moving to fifth place, which up until then, had remained constant.

But the SNP have fought back and are now rising high up the polls, expected to make gains nationally. The party is threatening a second independence referendum following the EU referendum which is, of course, much opposed by the Scottish Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and the Labour party.

Dominic Nolan, a third year IR and Economics student, who is standing for the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party expresses his delight for being chosen to stand in St Andrews. “I want to represent all residents but as a student myself I am grateful for all the benefits the university brings. However, I am also aware of the housing problem which we face at this time every year which why is my priority for the town’s student population will be to resolve the issues surrounding the HMO ban in the town centre. I hope that if I am elected the university and the student population will be able to work more closely with Fife Council.”

Dominic is more than happy to answer and questions or support you with issues you would like to raise, you can reach him at [email protected].

All British, Commonwealth and EU citizens are eligible to vote for this election. If 2016 has taught us anything, it’s to register and vote so that somewhat controversial decisions are not made. 



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