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The Mystery Behind the Meme

The Stand interviews St Memedrews, the latest Facebook phenomenon.

1. What inspired you to start St Memedrews? Did you expect the amount of support you’ve gotten so far?

I was bored on a train. That’s literally it. And not at first, but after reaching 1000 likes in 3 and a half days I thought I could be onto something.

2. What’s your favourite meme on the page thus far? Are there any that have been so bad, you didn’t post?

That’s like asking a parent to choose a favourite child. As in, I definitely do have a favourite; but I could never say. As for bad memes – bad memes don’t exist. Enough people in this town (myself included) have shitty enough a sense of humour to appreciate the shittiest of memes.

3. Describe one meme that changed your life. 

Ridiculous question.

4. What, do you feel, is the true purpose of memes? What makes a good meme?

It’s all about nostalgia and escapism, and in some cases an outlet for free speech, as I’m seeing from the near-infinite influx of anti-University of St Andrews Conservative and Unionist Association send-ins. Also gives me something to do in my 164 non-contact hours every week. You can’t define what makes a good meme. Most memes are shit – but most people have shit chat, so it works out.

5. Goals/hopes/dreams for the St Memedrews page?

Get featured in an article from a respected publication such as The Saint or The Albany Parker.

6. Can you share an exclusive, never before seen meme for us?


7. Tell us about your passions beyond memes, help us get to know the real person behind St Memedrews. 

Aikmans is the best pub in St Andrews.

8. Any parting thoughts for the fans out there?

Thank you for your submissions, they’re all great.



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