BREAKING: Sina Dashtebozorgy addresses DoES Rumours

The former DoES candidate speaks exclusively to The Stand.

Sina Dashtebozorgy will not be re-running for the position of Director of Events and Services.

When accosted by the press outside of local eatery Blackhorn, Mr Dashtebozorgy issued a firm denial of the rumours circulating around his political future. “We need to dispel with this fiction that I have any interest in a sabbatical position,” he stated. 

He went on to emphasise his desire to spend time with his family.

Sources close to Mr Dashtebozorgy confirm that the 2016 DoES candidate appears content in his retirement. “He finds the idea of re-running ridiculous,” said an insider. “He’s moved on.”

His devotion to his private life is reminiscent of former presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Despite a growing faction of supporters, both men have remained committed to their personal projects.

Chris Macrae’s whereabouts are currently unknown. He could not be reached for comment.

Watch this space for any further developments.



17 thoughts on “BREAKING: Sina Dashtebozorgy addresses DoES Rumours

  1. Why would anyone in the world spend the time writing this even if it is intended as a joke?

    At the best of times Sina is a waste of space and possibly the worst candidate ever to have run for a Sabbatical position.

    He is a disgrace to the University, constantly bleating about his next “sesh” and pathetically wasting his days away on a never ending drinking spree.

    Endorsing him in any way in a news article is quite frankly embarrassing for anyone involved.

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