Photo: Jannettas

Jannettas Gelateria Gets Sweeter with Age

Courtney Dane offers a tribute to the town’s tastiest gelato.

On warm, bright days, the sunlight reflects off the glass containing those delectable gelato flavors and illuminates the light aqua color covering the walls. Jannettas Gelateria, the beloved ice cream shop that all students and locals hold dear, has received the VisitScotland Taste Our Best award for its loyal use of local, quality Scottish produce.

Photo: Jannettas

The VisitScotland Taste Our Best award seeks restaurants and other attractions that serve local, fresh Scottish yield. They take into consideration the distance of the food’s sources from the establishment, the staff’s knowledgeability about the origins of food, and whether the establishment highlights where the food originates – all elements that every customer can easily see as they stroll through the welcoming doors of 31 South Street.

When you walk into the idyllic ice cream shop & café, Jannettas displays the food vendors on a banner in the front of the shop, and the owner Nicola Hazel speaks about all the local producers without missing a beat. The store’s menu features produce from many Scottish merchants in a quest to be sustainable and help the community that it has proudly served for so many years. 

The flour baked into those delicious cakes hail from Carr’s flour in Kirkcaldy. The meat originates from J.B. Penman, a well-respected family butcher in Crail, and the eggs are collected from another family run business in East Neuk Fife. Nicola and her husband Owen are the fourth generation to take over the iconic shop, and they seek to do business with other established family businesses within the Kingdom of Fife.

Photo: Jannettas

Since the store’s refurbishment two years ago, Nicola and Owen have made it a goal to purchase their ingredients locally. Upon asking Nicola why it was important for the business to win the award, she said, “It strengthens the town and builds friendship in the community.” The owner later added that it’s not just about providing the best food and experience to its consumers, but digging deeper roots and creating loyalty within the town that Jannettas has called home for over a century.

The next time you need a bite to eat, grab a taste of the local Tayberry or Pittormie Apple gelato flavors that are brought from Pittormie Fruit Farm in Dairsie. Take a seat and ask for the red book or talk to the staff about the history of the award-winning journey gelateria that helped make those sunny days that much sweeter. 



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