Photo: Jonathan Klotz

Toro Tapas: Experience the Taste of Excellency

Gillian Davies reviews Toro Tapas’s “Experience.”

Last Friday night, guests arrived at North Point Café to enjoy a spectacular culinary spectacle hosted by Toro Tapas. With lovely table settings and an amazing bottle of wine per person, the atmosphere and conversation kept spirits high from start to finish.

Just one look at the menu made it clear that we were in for a treat, and there was certainly a course that catered to everyone’s taste buds. With infusions of flavour from around the world, each dish had mouths humming and were all certainly worthy of the praise heard throughout the dining experience. From Japanese caviar and fresh truffles to fresh lobster and dry-aged Highland beef, each of the delectable seven courses brought something new to the table. The innovative combinations were a constant surprise, and for someone who is known to be a picky eater, I was shocked to have cleared each course without a second thought.

Photo: Jonathan Klotz

The event drew guests who had previously attended dinners put on by Toro Tapas, and arrived with empty stomachs in anticipation of the memorable meals. New attendees are clearly converted after the phenomenal night, and I can expect they will be eagerly awaiting invitation to the next pop-up.

I commend the Toro Tapas team, headed by Felix Arris, Isidora Grgur, and Josh Foo, the amazing chef behind these creations, for putting on a fantastic event that will have mouths watering for weeks. Al those involved in Toro Tapas: The Experience have certainly raised the bar to future dining experiences in St Andrews.

Photo: Jonathan Klotz

To say it was an improvement to my usual Friday night dinners as a student would be an understatement. Not a single element was overlooked, and the presentation of each dish provided ample fodder for Instagram for the inner-foodie in each of us. Just thinking about it now has me hungry all over again, so keep your eye out for next Toro Tapas experience this year.



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