FS Rebranded as Singles Mixer

Single people rejoiced to hear of the potential rescheduling.

The St Andrews Charity Fashion Show has been tentatively rescheduled for Tuesday 14th February. As many have astutely pointed out, this is Valentine’s Day. Many couples will have plans for the evening.

In the event that the show goes on, FS has vowed to refund any guests unable to attend. Not only could this permit standard guests to purchase a VIP upgrade, but it presents an opportunity for a massive rebranding. FS has just become the hottest singles night since that Tinder speed-dating thing from 2014.

The move is a masterstroke by the FS committee. Studies have shown that single people possess inordinately high levels of FOMO, making them the target demographic for a fashion show. While couples dine à deux at the Seafood Restaurant, the St Andrean singles population will finally have its chance to shine.

Experts predict that the auction’s “date with a model” will sell for a record high.

Please note that the committee stresses the provisional nature of Tuesday’s show. This uncertainty further adds to the emotional rollercoaster that we have ridden since the event’s cancellation on Saturday evening.

Silver lining: If it doesn’t pan out, we’ve got our Don’t Walk outfits sorted.



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