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Have You Seen this Lycraman?

A figure in a blue suit has been spotted throughout the University.

In recent footage posted on the popular “Spotted: University of St Andrews” Facebook page, Lycraman can be seen sitting in the back row of a lecture theatre at the University, staring intently at various students; no pen, no notes and no friends. 

While the identity of this “Lycraman” is still unknown, the University’s strong policy of inclusiveness makes it so that “students and staff [can] wear what they like to lectures.” Despite that, it still isn’t clear whether or not the Lycraman’s attire is making a statement of solidarity for some cause or simply a show of display for his love of blue, or lycra, or both.

Some students find the whole thing to be “a bit attention seeking” (Jelsi Lorato, First Year) while others feel it to be “weird, no doubt, but all in good fun.” (Hana Shona, First Year) 

Students have suggested that the identity of this Lycraman to be:

  • lost pseudo-member of the “Blue-Man Group”
  • The final clue in “Blue’s clues”
  • A bad cosplay of a White Walker #thenorthremembers #winteriscoming #gameofthrones

What do you think? Who do you think this Lycraman is? More importantly, will you join him in lycra in lectures henceforth for only £19.99 pounds with free shipping via Amazon Prime.



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