DRAFP Ball: Sinfully Good

Katherine Kelly Lynch reviews the biggest hall ball in town.

The DRAFP Ball, the largest hall ball in St Andrews, returned this year with the Seven Deadly Sins Ball on Lower College Lawn. Leading up to the classic marquee, students could get their picture taken in Sallies Quad by a photographer and drop their coats off at either of the two cloak rooms, staffed by the Charities Campaign, before heading in for a night of sinning.

Inside, the marquee filled with ball-goers was lit up in various colours, evoking a sense of drama and mystery. Blackjack and roulette tables, accompanied by a huge glittery pound sign, were available for those who preferred gambling over dancing. Various seating areas with couches and thrones were made available to those who were tired of dancing or just wanted to relax with friends and enjoy a bit of the free food.

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Being one of the most inexpensive black tie events in St Andrews, DRAFP Ball is known for offering guests the most bang for their buck. Leaning heavily into the theme, the marquee was partitioned into various sections, each depicting a different sin. The most popular was definitely gluttony. Four massive hog roasts, complete with salsa and applesauce toppings, options of sweet and salty flavours of popcorn, crepes made to order, and plenty of Janetta’s ice cream were all available free to any of the attendees.

While the queues for the hog roast remained generally short, crepes and Janetta’s were packed and stretched throughout the marquee. Fortunately the bars (including a dedicated Pablo bar for those who tend to call the Union their home) stayed well-staffed throughout the night with minimal queues and quick service for all drinks. On the dance floor, student DJs and bands played throughout the night. A St Andrews classic, Pink Eye on Picture Day, was a definite favourite for the eager crowd.

Photo: Lightbox Creative

The ball was absolutely phenomenal and worth much more than the £10 tickets non-residents purchased. However, just after midnight, many students began leaving the ball in search of other ventures. Black tie was seen throughout various venues in town that night, not just the marquee on Lower College Lawn. Despite this, many attendees who left still agreed that the ball was completely worth the night and the cheap ticket prices.

All proceeds from the ball, including the cloak room, will be going to the Charities Campaign’s three chosen charities: Frontline Fife, Anthony Nolan, and Women for Women International.



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