What to Wear: DONT WALK

Have you picked your outfit yet?

This Saturday night, whether you’re going for the show or just the after party, Cambo Estate will be the place to be. Why? DONT WALK, obviously. The committee has been building the hype for months, and the incredibly cool daily videos only add to the anticipation. By now the crowds are practically drooling.

After breathing a sigh of relief after securing the sought after ticket, the feeling will soon be replaced by a wave of outfit stress. What do I wear to the coolest event of the year? Am I edgy enough to even show up? What would Alexa Chung do? Luckily for you, The Stand has suggestions and won’t say you look fat in that dress.

DONT WALK is undoubtedly pushing boundaries with their innovative creative concept, and so will most definitely be the time to be bold and take risks.

Photo: ASOS

1. Co-ords.

A suit or a co-ord is a great way to wear a dress without wearing a dress. You don’t have to worry about matching and you always look like you came up with something groundbreaking. We call things like this life hacks.

This silk floral trouser and shirt combination from ASOS is a great example. Pair with black pumps and an excessive amounts of rings and tons of eye make up and you’re good to go.

2. DONT be afraid to let the girls out.

If there was ever an event to where you should be inspired by the acts  it would be DONT WALK. Get NEIKID and “sexual” and consider wearing a sheer top or dress over a black bra.

It might be a good idea to wear a little more than Kate Moss, but the icon is always an excellent inspiration when taking risks.

3. The classic bodycon.   

You’ve been working out, you want that hot person you keep seeing everywhere to see that squat booty. You want to feel like a high class prostitute and now is your time.

Check out this option from Topshop.



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