Why Campaigners Aren’t As Bad As You Think

Another election week come and gone.

This was my first Campaign Week – and I don’t think it was too bad. Unpopular opinion, I know. Maybe my feelings will change by the time I’m a world-weary fourth year, but I definitely think people who are grumpy about this week are unnecessarily grumpy about a lot of things.

For one thing, it’s only a week. And the voting is only a day or so. This amount of time is staggering, to make such important decisions about the future of our university, about the people who are going to be in positions of power for the next year. I would wholly understand if campaigners were given time more in the region of a month, so the fact that it’s limited to a mere week is even more impressive. How can you be mad when you’re only inconvenienced for a week? A week is nothing! On average, you’ll have 4108 weeks in your lifetime (52 weeks x 79 years). Can’t you sacrifice one for a good cause? You’ve got enough.

 Concentrating all the reasons why a person is worthy of your vote into a week is another reason why campaigners should be defended – it’s a skill! They’re given such a short period of time to gain your attention, it’s no wonder they’re so loud. If they don’t campaign from the very get-go, with their whole arsenal, they’re not going to persuade anyone. Blink and you’ll miss it. Facebook posts, stickers, and signs; they’re just different ways of appealing to different people, of reaching the largest audience in the shortest amount of time.

You know how the candidates all stand outside the library to catch you on your way to or from some hardcore studying? And it’s really annoying because you just want to focus on getting from place A to place B without having to avoid eye contact, lest you be suddenly plastered with stickers? Well, do I have a solution for you! It’s Butts Wynd. Yep, that’s right, the most photographed street name in St Andrews. You can access it from just outside the library, through a cute little tunnel, and then, miraculously, you can get back onto North Street without having to walk past a wall of campaigners. Wild, right? Don’t complain that you can’t get to the library because of the campaigners, because it’s totally possible. I did it all week, and yeah, I live in the right direction from the library to make that easy, but if you’re that bothered, you can do it too, no matter where you live.

Finally – free stuff! Brownies, stickers, cool Snapchat filters, the works. Why are you complaining? We’re students. Who ever heard of students turning down free stuff? These people are paying money to give things to us for free. The least we can do is smile, maybe vote for them, and not be rude about them behind their backs.

Campaigners are just trying to do their best, to get your vote for a position they (probably) are really passionate about. Honestly, it almost feels disrespectful for us to complain. They’re doing this for the student body, to enact positive change, and all we do is moan about their relatively quiet campaigning in a very concentrated spot in a very concentrated period of time. So please – next time you’re about to open your mouth to rant about campaigners, remember this article, and possibly think twice. Have a little human decency. Nobody likes a grump.



25 thoughts on “Why Campaigners Aren’t As Bad As You Think

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