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Alexander McQueen: Inspiring and Education

Gillian Davies reviews the Management Society’s latest guest speaker.

Last Tuesday, the Management Society hosted an exclusive guest speaking event featuring Ms Oriana Moufarrige, the Worldwide Head of Marketing and Digital Communications at Alexander McQueen. Guests gathered in the Austen Gallery of the Rusacks Hotel to hear Ms. Moufarrige’s journey through various careers, culminating in an impressive placement at the leading fashion house Alexander McQueen.

As someone who originally wanted to work as an art critic or take up film and photography, Ms Moufarrige was a prime example of how a focus on finance and economics can lead to places far beyond an investment bank. Working in production studios in Paris and at Miramax Films in New York, Ms Moufarrige showed a truly wide breadth of interests, which was a massive part of the appeal for the wide array of guests drawn in by the Management Society. While these jobs served as stepping stones, Ms Moufarrige eventually began working for Calvin Klein Jeans in London, and moved on to become Marketing Projects Manager at Harrods.

Photo: Alex Massek

The most intriguing part of her journey was as Senior Marketing Manager at Selfridges, where Ms Moufarrige worked for campaigns from the Shoe Galleries Launch to the CSR Project Ocean, which tied together fashion and the environment. From celebrity campaigns to whimsical staged events, the experiential and seemingly frivolous nature of the fashion industry proved to be underpinned by analytics and intelligent thinking. For those of you who are struggling through lectures and coursework, it is clear that hard work will pay off with the right drive and instincts.

In terms of advice, Ms Moufarrige stressed the importance of building a spectrum of experiences before settling in to what you want to do, make sure you arrive with a diverse and strong world view. Whether you’re looking to work in the corporate world or dive into a house of craft like Alexander McQueen, there are endless paths that can take you there. The event had a phenomenal turnout with an attentive audience, all keen to hear about a fantastic journey through the fashion industry and take the opportunity to start determining their own path following university.

Photo: Alex Massek

Whether your interests lie in marketing and management, finance and analytics, or design and film, there is certainly a world of opportunity waiting if you put yourself out there and start working for it. Followed by a Q& A and networking event, the Management Society brought forward a truly unique event that cracked open the door to future possibilities, and their professionalism continues to astound students.



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