St Andrews Charity Polo Tournament Gets Back in the Saddle

Catch a glimpse of what this year’s polo committee will be serving up at Errol Park Estate.

Easily the most anticipated day of the school year, the St Andrews Charity Polo Tournament combines food, drink, and socialisation to create one spectacular garden party. In the absence of blaring house music, guests are able to walk and talk, two components surprisingly absent from most large-scale events. That said, the drinks will certainly flow – most notably, the champagne.

VVIP guests will receive twelve bottles of Bouvet Ladubay per table, a little over one bottle per head. More excitingly (at least for this writer), a full afternoon tea spread and complimentary hot tea bar will be present to sate hunger and chills. The second tier, VIP, will receive four glasses of champagne per wristband, while Standard guests may enjoy one complimentary drink from the bar.

Photo: Ilaria Maresi, Lightbox Creative

Although the two lower tiers do not include food, guests are able to purchase snacks from a variety of vendors. Blackhorn has confirmed its attendance, alongside The Crepe Shack, Chick + Pea, Pizza Geeks, and at least a dozen food trucks hailing from Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Many guests have noted the VVIP shift from “unlimited” champagne to a slightly more restricted flow of fizz. The polo committee explains that, as they constantly seek to improve on themselves, last year’s unlimited champagne did not provide guests with adequate value for money. In particular, this year’s tournament hopes to place a heavier focus on heating and, of course, the polo itself. The allocation reduction did not negatively impact VVIP interest: The committee received a record 417 applications in just 24 hours.

Photo: Cameron Prentice, Lightbox Creative

Fans of polo can expect a cracking day. Aberdeen, Stirling, Edinburgh, Warwick, Cirencester, Oxford Brookes, Newcastle, and Kent will be participating in the games. They will play alongside the Royal Scots Dragoons, two exhibition teams, and two veteran teams from Help For Heroes, the tournament’s supported charity.

VVIP and VIP have sold out in record time; however, interested parties can try their hand at purchasing one of the few remaining Standard tickets.



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