Top 5 Things to Do This Week

Deadlines, probably.

1. The Jonny Wookey Memorial Varsity Game

It’s the biggest ice hockey game of the year. Don your red, white, and blue for the Varsity on Tuesday.

2. Fine Wine & Cheese Society Elections

Just a normal Thursday evening of copious wine and delicious cheese – and a few openings on the committee, for avid enthusiasts.

3. HEAT: Fire & Desire

The last Heat of the year scorches the floorboards of the Rule on Thursday night.

4. Sitara* 2017

The final fashion show of the year arrives at North Haugh on Friday. Expect culture, colour, and costumes.

5. Kate Kennedy Spring Procession 2017

One of St Andrews’ most unique offers, the Procession sees horses, knights, and queens take to the streets of St Andrews. Get a prime viewing spot at Sallies Chapel at 2 pm on Saturday to catch the start.



5 thoughts on “Top 5 Things to Do This Week

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